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Pivot... a MediaWiki skin...

...that focuses on mobile first but will pivot to all devices and their viewport sizes easily. It uses three grid sizes, large, medium and small so you control the content and the content doesn't control you!

Pivot is currently at version 2.3.0 which was released on December 11, 2020 and is compatible with MediaWiki 1.35 and later. If you are still using MediaWiki 1.31.x to 1.34.x you need to use version 2.2.2 which was also released on December 11 2020.

Goodbye Tables

Say good bye to tables, Pivot is powered by Zurb's Foundation 5 framework. It offers an intelligent Grid that allows you to achieve complicated page layouts without using MediaWiki table syntax.

Responsive Grid

Nothing in Foundation Framework will limit your responsiveness. Easy to design your wiki templates and pages right for a mobile delight! Try it right now, make this window small! I dare you!

Semantic MediaWiki Ready!

Pivot has class definitions to extend into Semantic MediaWiki and Page Forms.


  • A familiar wiki look with a sidebar on a desktop but a responsive mobile experience on tablets and phones.
  • Many features. Control the behaviour of the features offered.
  • Useful Tabs. Built-in and responsive tabs.
  • Smart Typography. Сhoose the design of the text that you need.
  • Grid Layout. Place your information efficiently on desktop and mobile devices. Watch the grid align and just work across all viewports.
  • Block Grid when you need pictures or text to align and just work! No need to constantly test how it looks on this device or that device. It looks great on all of them!
  • Need a image slideshow? An easy to use Image Slider is ready to go and you can customize speed, captions, auto play, and other elements to fit your needs.
  • Full support of Font Awesome 4.7 built in and since visual examples speak better than words, they are being used on this page!!!


Pivot is hosted on Github! Go there and you can download it or clone the repository directory to your MediaWiki site! The install instructions are located there too.

Simple customization

CSS Easy Settings. You can easy customize color of your navbar, sidebar, mobile aside backgrounds, labels, etc. Limited by only your imagination.

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